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How Can Facebook Ads Contribute To Business Success

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What can Facebook ads do for your business? In today’s modern world, vast numbers of people spend time each day posting and reading content on social networking sites such as Facebook. When a business considers different channels for marketing, it makes sense to choose outlets that will connect with the largest target audience, delivering the most value for the advertising money being spent. Considering that Facebook reaches such a large portion of the population, it can be an excellent source to initiate customer interactions, leads, and online visits to a company’s website.

Through strategic placement of intelligently executed advertising, Facebook’s is capable of pinpointing a particular audience and affecting a boost in a company’s website traffic and brand recognition, resulting in a calculable increase in its beneficial business transactions.

Keep in mind that not all valuable business interactions necessarily involve only payment for goods or services. With the amount of traffic that Facebook generates, business ads that are strategically placed on its pages can’t help but be viewed by a large target audience. Because of the very nature of social media’s range and scope, a company’s appropriately placed ads are bound to get noticed and its brand can become increasingly familiar to the right people, creating an online presence. This can lead to immediate sales, email sign ups, completion of online forms, future business, or referrals to family, friends or coworkers. All of this is part of a modern business model that helps a company become, and remain, relevant and profitable.

How does Facebook go about connecting a business with the correct target audience? There are multiple ways on Facebook to focus on people who are tailored to a company’s products. One way is to select potential customers based on things like interests, location, demographics, devices used, and purchases. Another option would be to reach out to current or former customers and contacts. Or, a business can connect with people on Facebook who resemble current customers in similar interests and behaviors. Add to this, a company Facebook page to generate even more contacts.

Facebook offers choices for selection of location and format of an ad. A company can opt for either allowing Facebook to choose the optimum placement of the ad, or the business can select where they want the ad to be displayed. An ad can be placed on one, or all of the following places:

Ads can be placed in the following formats:
  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Stories
  • Messenger
  • Carousel that displays up to 10 images or videos
  • Slideshow ads composed of motion ads containing sound and text
  • Collection ads that can be selected to quickly load products specifics
  • Playables ads contain an interactive preview before downloading an app

How can a company know if its ad campaign on Facebook is effective? Once an ad has been placed on Facebook, an ad management program tracks and measures the ad’s performance. A portal can be accessed to read reports regarding ads across all platforms and formats. The information in these reports indicates which ad features and locations are productive and which are under-performing. User settings can then be changed and customized to improve proficiency.

With social networking having become such a huge part of so many people’s lives, it just makes good business sense to embrace it and make the most of its rich potential for generating profitable business interactions, while contributing to a company’s brand recognition.

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