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Top Digital Marketing Trends 2022

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Top Digital Marketing Trends 2022

The year 2022 is far from the beginning yet. While we all adjust to a new reality, the shift to digital is not an option anymore to survive. Full Stack Woo is a leading digital agency based in Florida. We decided to make a compilation of the digital marketing trends that are leading and shaping the advertisement landscape of this crazy year. This shortlist intends to showcase how you must have a digital presence regardless of the size of your business or the product or services you offer. There are several options for free or to expect from your digital marketing agency at any budget. Set your company goals and find out what is the best way to promote, advertise or increase the visibility of your business in these times of social distancing and virtuality.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are more relevant than ever. Right now everyone is making use of them for multiple purposes and causes. Their ad platforms offer a variety of ad formats and targeting configurations to reach precise audiences. Marketers and businesses are compelled to design engagement strategies that make sense for their potential customers rather than just spamming them with empty offers. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have developed ad formats to ease the customer journey till transactions, this is the time of social commerce and shoppable posts. TikTok is a leading platform for younger audiences and LinkedIn provides a great database of professionals and companies' networks to advertise B2B products or reach decision-makers. Stories are everywhere connecting brands with their audiences. Social media strategies must keep in mind a conversational and engaging focus. Stories allow you to communicate, promote and inspire your customers. Video is a priority in social media marketing. Audiences consider this type of content the most authentic. Regardless of your budget, social media platforms easily allow the creation of video formats for advertising. Learn more about how to advertise and promote your business on Facebook and Instagram.

Chatbots & Conversational Marketing

Chatbots are still on the rise. This software powered by Artificial Intelligence can perform multiple tasks for your customers and your company. They are a great customer service addition since many customers would rather message than call. Conversational marketing is an easy way for users to get answers. Messaging apps and chatbots result in a more convenient way to get in touch with your business. The data you collect on conversations can be used to optimize future conversations and interactions. It provides immediate feedback within a 24-hour service, decreasing customer service costs for businesses. Get some ideas from some of the most innovative chatbots on the web.

Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing

Good content is still a priority in digital marketing. Businesses and brands race for the top organic visibility features in search engines, like position zero, answer boxes, and featured snippets in order to be found first. The latest Google algorithm change BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) focuses on context and natural language to display the right results according to user intent. Content marketing provides longer-term benefits than PPC, making organizations look more reliable, and improving their visibility and conversion rates.

Interactive Content

As we mentioned earlier, engagement is what brands should seek in the digital marketing world now. Interaction is a more valuable metric than likes or views. It provides data on the users interacting with your content and feedback on your content marketing strategy. Interactive content also provides an experience to your audience. Positive experiences increase loyalty and prompt conversions, like visits to your site, filling a form, or downloading something. Some interactive content ideas could be interactive infographics and videos, polls and surveys, calculators, assessments, quizzes, contests, and galleries.

Personalized and Omnichannel Marketing

Personalized marketing improves customer experience. By making use of data analytics, marketers can deliver personalized messages and targeted ads to reach their audiences at the right moment and at the right place. Omnichannel marketing increases engagement, providing a customer experience across platforms and devices. Also, an omnichannel strategy secures your visibility with a unified experience, making your business available at multiple touchpoints. Artificial intelligence provides a better understanding of your customers, predicting their needs and interactions. Features like progressive web apps and browser push notifications are getting relevant for personalization, omnichannel and smart targeting. However, be careful of being intrusive or irrelevant. Read more about 5 brands taking personalized marketing to the next level.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Immersive technologies provide digital experiences as a substitute for physical experiences. Brands and businesses use virtual or augmented reality to engage customers with virtual experiences that provide them with value. Businesses can use virtual reality technologies to promote their products or offer entertainment to their potential customers. This is a great way to engage and attract users rather than spamming them with ads. Also, think about all the user-generated content that you can get to promote your brand. Augmented reality can be used for shopping experiences, allowing customers to interact or try your products before buying them. These technologies are more than ever accessible on phones. Their implementation makes sense for businesses and users that can not visit physical stores.

Smart Bidding & Programmatic Advertising

Smart bidding is the secret of a successful pay-per-click campaign. If you’re a small business owner, you probably want to get the maximum ROI out of your budget. This will require some expertise and a good knowledge of targeting and bidding strategies. Conventional platforms like Google, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn still dominate the market. The relevance of your ad determines the best placement in the bidding auction. Besides, there are other alternative platforms for PPC campaigns to advertise your products to more specific audiences. Programmatic advertising it’s a great tool for advertisers to buy and optimize PPC campaigns. This software is designed to participate in real-time auctions for ads space, interacting directly with the artificial intelligence algorithm of the PPC platform. In this order, marketers can focus on optimization and efficiency.


This year has pushed the digital marketing trends predictions into execution. Digital transformation is a reality for businesses at all scales to keep pace in their marketplace:
  1. Social media platforms are the main means of communication and your brand can participate in the conversation.
  2. Valuable and engaging content is the way to do it. Rethink your digital strategy for engagement and interaction, not only sales.
  3. Pay-per-click campaigns are diverse. It is important to know how PPC works to make the best of all of the advantages and formats that digital advertising offers.
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