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What Is Ad Copy Testing And How Can It Benefit Online Advertising?

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What is The Definition of Ad Copy?

Advertising copy, or ad copy, in digital terms, refers to the text of an online clickable advertisement that will take a user to the advertiser’s website.The ad usually consists of a headline, which is crafted to capture and hold the attention of targeted users, along with one or two other lines. Ideally, if the ad copy and the website landing page are of good quality, and utilize carefully selected keywords and key phrases, the advertisement will be prominently placed on a search engine results page or SERP. The ad can be displayed using Paid Search which ranks ads on a SERP according to an advertiser bidding process and quality score factors. An alternate means for paying for online advertising is known as a pay per click or PPC ad, which generates a fixed charge to the advertiser each time a user clicks on an ad. Exceptional advertising copy on a SERP, that will grasp and hold the target user’s interest, should incorporate:
  • Concise, compelling information that clearly communicates the benefit to the market audience.
  • Reasons why the user should have confidence in the product.
  • Persuasive messaging that inspires a Call To Action (CTA) to find out more about the product. The first word of the CTA can be critical and warrants specific testing.

What is Ad Copy Testing?

As advertisers increasingly focus on User Experience, it has become apparent that optimizing ad copy significantly contributes to a company’s overall success. This process involves special attention being given to improving a user’s interactions with a company’s website and its product. An essential element of this process is ensuring that an ad produces a high conversion rate of click throughs. What this means is that an ad needs to attract a substantial number of target users who click on an ad, then proceed to a landing page where they follow through with one or more actions that are of benefit to the advertising company. One way of accomplishing a high conversion rate is through systematic online copy testing, which can be done before, after, or during the run of the ad. Testing can help a company, or special research team, pinpoint exactly what speaks to a specific target audience, and what doesn’t. Experiments can be conducted by researchers who select pertinent individuals to measure response to perspective ad copy. The testing process can fine tune a message that can generate the most profitable results from the largest percentage of the targeted marketing group. Sometimes even a seemingly inconsequential word change can deliver an unexpected, significantly positive result. Some of the advertising copy testing methods can include:
  • Online surveys which can reveal a user’s degree of engagement and response to ad copy.
  • A/B testing which involves running two or more versions of ad copy to determine which is the most productive.
  • Visual tests to determine what headlines, content, lay-out, call-to-action buttons, and visual content result in the best recall by potential users.
  • Brand awareness recall testing to understand if the ad copy contributes to brand recognition and if users remember the brand name and overall message of the ad.
Timely, consistent ad testing appears to be a very important part of effective advertising. To learn more about Ad Testing and other methods of improving advertising results, visit Let us show you how we can help you can optimize your Return On Investment (ROI).