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How Small Businesses Can Adapt to Covid-19

by Dr. LuvCuddle on

COVID-19 has drastically impacted retailers and manufacturers, threatening small businesses to shut down. While there is a sense of uncertainty and consumption has declined, business owners can adjust according to current consumers' behavior to stay afloat during this crisis.

These times call for digital options, innovations, and new approaches to marketing strategies. For small businesses, this could seem overwhelming, and the need for big budgets. However, it would be best if you made the right moves to keep your brand and store overcome these difficult times.

According to a survey by Numerator, "1 in 3 consumers indicate news of Coronavirus has already impacted their shopping behavior [… ] purchasing products they wouldn't otherwise have purchased, shopping online when they would usually shop in store, and shopping in new stores". The same study also affirms that "1 in 4 consumers were replacing in-store shopping trips with online".

A poll by Coresight Research revealed that 47.2% of US internet users are currently avoiding shopping centers and malls, while 74.6% said they would steer away from shopping centers if the outbreak worsens.

As bad as things might look, even with shortages and unemployment rates rising, this represents excellent opportunities for online business presence.

The Forrester's Consumer Energy Index has made three important conclusions that can be applied to small and local businesses: (1) Don't expect consumers to be eager to buy your next big thing; (2) Craft messages that match the emotional tenor of your customers at this moment (3) Earning trust is your metric for success during this time.

As we mentioned before, this is a call for digital moves. To tackle customer behaviors and feelings, small businesses can apply digital marketing strategies that cultivate loyalty within their community or expand and diversify their market. Despite shortages or rising unemployment rates, people are using the internet more than ever.

Here are some valuable recommendations that you, as a business owner, can implement with the help of a digital agency:

Be helpful to your community

How your brand or your business can be helpful to your target audience? Guide how your products or services are useful now. Share your knowledge. Demonstrate that your company is trustworthy and cultivate loyalty among your customers. Think about a content strategy that focuses on your customers' needs and sentiments right now, using all your digital channels.

Diversify your audience

If you're a well-known local store in your community passing through hard times, it's time to expand your business beyond your local customers. This doesn't mean an investment in branches; it's about broad online visibility. As people are searching on the internet more than ever, you can run SEO and PPC campaigns that target other counties or states audiences looking for the kind of products or services you offer.

SEO is a long-term investment that will position your brand organically as consumers use the internet to do searches, even after the pandemic. In addition to the previous tip, businesses can use SEO content to educate and inform their customers while ranking higher in search engines.

On the other hand, PPC has a short-term result, promoting your products or services right in front of internet users. While many companies are set back from their PPC campaigns, bidding and ads are cheaper during this pandemic. Give it a try!

Diversify your payment methods

Your customers are having a hard time as well as you. Consider using payment plans, methods, and discounts that reduce their financial burden. This would increase your conversion rate.

In conclusion, we're all together. Build an empathetic brand that understands your customers and cultivates loyalty. Maybe you will see fewer transactions than before, but people will remember you. Innovate in simple ways that make your business thrive—no need to be greedy, just creative. Instead of promoting "Hot COVID-19 sales", you can communicate with your customers and broaden your constituency beyond your local area or usual buyers.